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Name: EVVIE- "Because You Loved Me" (Celine Dion)
Video has duration : 4:55
Uploader: Evvie McKinney
Published: Premiered May 17, 2019

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I just wanna give a big shout out first to a woman that attends my church and has loved me since I was a little girl, Sister Melisa Kelly! She LOVES Celine Dion, even had dinner with her years ago, and she always asked me to sing this song! Again, I pray and hope that my version sends chills down your spine, and make you feel what I feel. I know this song is about a man, but I recorded it as a cry out to God. We ALL are WHO we are because HE FIRST LOVED US!

"I thank God for where I am right now, for who He's given me (y'all, my fans), and ALL that I have in this life. I know that everything I have has been given to me from God; I won't take God's credit for creating me and bringing me this far! The Lord's promises are true whether the world wants to acknowledge Him or not. I'm so excited to share my testimony and walk with y'all, that's why it's important y'all SUBSCRIBE! 👼🏽❤️

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